Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Top 5 Unique Baby Shower Craft Ideas Everyone will Love

By : Nisha Williams

Looking for a unique baby shower gift? Make a baby craft! Baby shower crafts are a fun and unique way to shower a new baby with love. Not only does a baby craft give you a chance to show your creative side, but it also provides useful baby supplies for the mom-to-be. The best part of a baby shower craft is that it can be customized to match any taste or budget.

1. Diaper Cakes - The most well known at baby showers, diaper cakes are made to look like a tiered wedding cake. All you need is a package of diapers and some rubber bands to create a basic diaper cake. The creativity comes in decorating. Use ribbon, baby blankets, toys and other baby supplies to make it unique.

2. Diaper Wreaths - What better way to welcome a new baby than to give it a housewarming gift? You can create a diaper wreath using a circular wreath base and a package of diapers. Decorate it with toys, baby supplies a stuffed animal or a welcome sign.

3. Towel Cakes - Towel cakes are also made to mimic the tiered wedding cake. The towels are folded, rolled and secured in layers. There are lots of fun baby themes that you can use with a towel cake. One of the most popular themes to use with a towel cake is the bath theme.

4. Diaper Babies - This very cute baby shower craft is both fun to give and receive. The diapers are rolled and secured to mimic a baby's body. Then it is covered with a baby outfit, hat and pacifier.

5. Sock Rose Bouquet - If you want to give beautiful roses that can last longer than a week, why not try a baby sock rose bouquet?! This craft is made by rolling socks into a rose shape and attaching it to a floral wire. Then it is wrapped to create a beautiful long rose stem and assembled in a vase.
Arrange some baby's breath in there and you have a wonderful bouquet for the mom to enjoy...that is until she needs some socks!

Any of these gifts create a great ohh and ahhh factor. Even if you think you are not a crafty person, you should choose a baby shower craft and try it sometime. You might surprise yourself on how creative you are!

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